The Day Jesus Returns

Robert D. Prescott-Ezickson

Is the Great Tribulation in the future?

Is the teaching on the rapture scripturally sound?

How can someone like the antichrist arise?

What will the Millennium be like?

Does America have a role in the endtime scenario?

No, this book is not about setting a date for the return of Jesus. It is a study of biblical prophecies on these subjects and how they fit together to form a message about God's plan for the endtimes. The premise of this study is that the various prophecies in the Old and New Testaments concerning the endtimes are similar to the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The book of Revelation is the picture on the box to guide our study. Using this method, we see some interesting conclusions that challenge the current thinking which is popular in the Christian Church today. Open up and learn more about the day Jesus returns.

Official Release Date - August 22, 2009.  Available now from PublishAmerica.  Autographed copies are available from the author for $17.00 which includes tax, shipping and handling.  To order send a check for $17.00 and your information (name and address) and how you want the book autographed to Robert Prescott-Ezickson   600 Yale Ave.  Meriden, CT  06450.  Bulk orders are also possible.  Allow two weeks for processing your request.


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